fire opal

mystical jewelry pieces




Our Story

Unique jewelry pieces made with natural Mexican opal exquisitely combined with colorful gemstones.

Twisted Collection

Mexican orange crystal opal and sapphire pieces inspired by the Universe and its mysteries.

Querétaro, México

Opal Mining

Sourced ethically directly from small family-run businesses.

From the people
I can't stop staring at my one-of-a-kind ring! If I change light, it changes color. I can even see rainbows inside. It's fascinating!
— Andrea, México
I thought all opals looked the same, I had no idea México had this impressive variety! Opaluz has been eye-opening.
— Leah, USA

Three Roses Earrings

Captivating one-of-a-kind pieces carefully made by hand, with attention to every step of the process. Delicately hand-painted black wallnut alongside Mexican orange crystal opals, tourmalines, iolite, peridots, citrines and garnets set in 14k gold. Eye-catching and unique.