As I slowly turned the fire opal in my hand, I saw rainbows and wonderful patterns. A kaleidoscope of color that I couldn’t stop staring at. I fell under the spell of this magical stone and it was right there that Opaluz was born. The name comes from the words “opal”- the most fascinating of all gems- and “luz”- the light that brings out the fire from within the stone.

I grew up in Mexico City, a city full of life, lively colors, surreal imagery and ancient civilizations connected to the Universe. After graduating from Design School I moved to Florence and traveled through India before arriving to New York City as an artist in residence. I brought to life paintings, sculptures and installations, inspired by light and color, with a strong interest towards the whimsical and the fantastical. I fell in love with fire opals after a trip to a mining community in Querétaro, Mexico, and now I am certified as a jewelry designer by the GIA and as a gemologist by the FIT. 

“Gabriela Bravo is a creative force, committed to authenticity. There is something fascinating about her work, that comes from her constant observation of nature and the universe - its volumes, layers, contrasts, textures and evolution.”