Mexican opals are a type of opal that is found in Mexico, particularly in the states of Querétaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Michoacán, and Jalisco. They are known for their vibrant colors, which range from transparent to bright yellow, orange and red. 

These precious gemstones are unique because they are formed in volcanic rock, rather than sedimentary rock like most other opals. This gives them a distinctive appearance and makes them particularly durable. Mexican opals are also known for their "fire," which is the term used to describe the way they reflect light and create flashes of color when they are moved.

Mexican opals are considered to be among the finest opals in the world, and they are highly sought after by collectors and jewelry makers. However, they are also relatively rare, which makes them highly valuable.


All the opals used in my pieces are natural and untreated. They are sustainably and ethically sourced in the mining communities of Querétaro, Mexico. I personally select each opal directly from small family-run businesses, making sure each gem is optimal for my jewelry. 

It is in this same region where the Aztecs fell under the spell of this whimsical stone, calling it “the stone of the bird of paradise” and used opals as adornment, ornamental and ceremonial pieces. I believe that each opal connects us to Earth’s fascinating mysteries, and to my Mexican origins. By sourcing the fire opals we support this Mexican mining community and its sacred manual labor.